About me

About me

I was born in Naaldwijk in 1939. Despite my advanced age, I am still adventurous and I enjoy traveling and photographing. I would like to say traveling to photograph. For that reason I like to travel in an individual, unbound manner. Only then will I get enough time for photography under the best conditions.

Photographic style

In general I like to photograph everything that is aesthetic and fascinates me. In doing so, I always try to give my images a signature that goes beyond a purely documentary view.

I often look for a clear main subject and make sure that no disturbing details are included in the image. I find a beautiful lightfall very important. That is why I often photograph at the beginning or the end of the day when the light is soft and warm. Patterns and structures in the landscape then get a nice relief, especially in floodlighting. This often results in atmospheric, romantic images.

Photographic subjects that attract me in particular

I mainly search my subjects in nature. In particular, I like to focus on imagining landscapes in which man has not been visibly present. The savage landscape in which no traces of human presence have been left behind. I also like to photograph flora and actually all forms of appearance that you can find in nature. In order not to get bogged down in just imagining what I encounter in nature, I naturally photograph other interesting subjects. I also feel attracted to modern architecture and people photography.

My work included postcards and calendars from several Dutch publishers. I also present and exhibit my work regularly on request. For information, questions or wishes you can always contact me via my website